About me Names Daniel, other anime and manga I like are Naruto, Freezing, Dragon Ball Z, Hellsing but aint nothin like One Piece!!! As soon as I read the manga I zoom over here to see if anything hasn't been updated, if not BAM!! I do it ;) I like to look at different crews and see which straw hat's they're crew members would fight if they did. Example: Buggy Pirates vs Straw Hat Pirates (if they were at the same level) Luffy Vs Buggy Zoro VS Cabaji Nami VS Alvida Sanji VS Galdino Ussop and Chopper VS Mohji and Richi Favourite Straw Hat: Sanji Favourite Shichibukai: Donqixote Doflamingo Favourite Marine: Smoker Favourite Supernova: Trafalgar Law Favourite Villain: Jyabura Favourite Devil Fruit: Bara Bara no Mi Fights I'd love to see: Zoro VS Sanji Trafalgar Law VS Buggy (Post Time-Skip) Zoro VS Buggy Brook VS Zoro (friendly practice) Dorry and Broggy VS Odz My favorite pagesEdit Buggy Pirates Straw Hat Pirates Red-Haired Pirates Phoenix Pirates CP9 Rokushiki

he joined the wiki on 2010-08-10 is from Australia