This is your user page. Please edit this page to tell the community about yourself! A little about me: I am 14 years old. I live in Denmark, Aarhus. My name is Zakariye, but is being called, Mad or MAD. I don't have that much CP knowledge, neither any technical knowledge. I am pretty samart otherwise, and quick headed. My english isn't fully evolved. I still have a lot to learn. Don't judge me my peeps, I am just flesh and bones. I am a pretty new OP fan. I watched it all in about 1 month. But know pretty much everything. That's pretty much everything you should know... for now. My fav. "Bad guy": Smoker Because Smoker is the perfect bad guy. The tough guy, the one everybody as badass, even his superiors won't expect him to cooperate. My fav. outside the SH crew:Akagami no Shanks. Because he is so free minded, making even the serious Mihawk join in in his fun. He is so great. My fav. SH:Black Leg Sanji. He is probably the person in the hole OP world, that resambles me the most. His lust for women, good cooking style, good kicks(since I play soccer). He is my fav. character. Love him!

MDM , madness

joined on 2011-08-22 I LIVE IN Denmark MY OCCUPATION IS School I AM Male